Artistic statement | Natalia Gourova
Natalia Vallianou-Gourova

I am in love with painting since I remember myself. Painting is my passion, a fascinating process of experiencing the world and expressing my deepest thoughts and feelings.

I paint the beauty of chaos. I am fascinated by the vastness and the diversity of this beauty, its contradictions, movement, complexity and pulsation. The lines of my brush reconstruct the chaos developing invisible equations. They are the application of my thoughts and feelings, which I share on canvas. All my paintings are metaphors, which contain something from the incredible beauty of chaos. This beauty is endless, full of notions and connotations, like life itself, like love, music, poetry, our thoughts and emotions; like Art.

I found that abstract expressionism is the best way of my artistic expression, for its immediacy and completeness, its power and symbolism, for its freedom, individuality and action.

Abstraction is my choice, for it implies abstract thinking related to cognitive concepts, which involve higher-order network of thoughts. The plasticity of abstraction expands the possibilities of expression, evoking first of all the concept of visibility through the invisible.

What fascinates us nowadays is the individual, personal view, the reason for expanding thinking and the combination of individualities, which might form a multifaceted, challenge network of ideas. This is why abstraction; because working on the deepest levels of the unconscious, it allows the artist to reveal all the spectrum of his own personality. From this point of view, and contrary to what it is sometimes stated, abstraction is a multifaceted network through which not only the audience, but also the artist himself can discover and reveal all his individuality, outside of boundaries of any form or rules.

As Paul Cézanne had stated ‘Pure drawing is abstraction’.