Curatorship | Natalia Gourova
Natalia Vallianou-Gourova

One might ask – how and why an artist acts also as a curator. Moreover, the combination of these practices often raises questions and disagreements.

However, it is exactly this exciting combination, which allows, in my opinion, a completely fresh approach to exhibition making, through a purely artistic perspective. Every exhibition is, or at least it should be first of all, a piece of art, based on a specific artistic idea. Communicated outside the boundaries of the professional curatorship, it allows experimentation and a new way of communication of ideas.

My primary interest as a curator is the organization of innovative projects of contemporary art with a truly interdisciplinary approach. I am persuaded that innovation, interdisciplinarity, and the combination of approaches, not only promote an artist successfully, but also expand the artistic expression.

As a curator I am always acting first of all as an artist, generating and mediating artistic points of view. The challenge is to explore and evaluate the artist’s ideas to form an interesting concept which might be presenting in an attractive way as a whole. In the case of group exhibitions the challenge also is to establish an interesting dialogue between artists’ concepts, and to involve the audience in this communication of ideas, focusing not on the answers, but on the questions themselves. Always allowing space for independent interpretations, my aim is to make the audience to participate in this dialogue, to be and to feel as part of it, to explore the exhibition with interest, to think, to raise questions, to search for answers and to return to see it again. Besides, the process of an exhibition making is on its own a potential space of dialogue, and from this point of view, it might be seen as another way of the artist’s expression beyond the canvas.

If you like my approach and you think that an independent curatorship by an artist-curator might benefit you, please, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.