CV and exhibitions | Natalia Gourova
Natalia Vallianou-Gourova

I studied archaeology, history and history of Art in the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), continuing my studies at Royal Holloway University of London and then at King’s College London (UK). I had worked as a researcher, field archaeologist, museum curator and University tutor. From 2015 onwards I am working full time as an artist and art curator.

• 27-28.12.2016 Open Studio days (Athens, Greece, my Art Studio)
• 20.05-3.06.2016 Personal exhibition ‘Emotions’ Chili Art Gallery, (Athens, Greece, curator Natalia Gourova)

Group exhibitions
• 15.12.2017 -10.01.2018 ‘Eutopia’ Group exhibition, Chili Art Gallery (Athens, Greece)
• 10.08-20.08.2017 Summer Art Exhibition (Paros, Greece)
• 30.06-01.07.2017 Large-scale light action ‘Paintings at Rubinsteina’ (Saint Petersburg, Russia, curator Ilya Veresk)
• 16.06-25.06.2017 Expo 5 on- line Art exhibition (on FB, curated by Gilles Oceanis)
• 20.01-19.01.2017 Expo 4 on- line exhibition (on FB, curated by Gilles Oceanis)
• 28.12.2016-15.01.2017 Exhibition ‘Colorful alphabet, from ‘A to Ya’, Gallery A3, (Moscow, Russia, curator Andrey Volkov)
• 01.12-04.12.2016 First International Thessaloniki Art Fair 2016, Project ‘Inside Out’, with the artist Christos Efstathiou (Thessaloniki, Greece, curator Natalia Gourova)
• 10.06-1.07.2016 Summer Salon 2016, Islington Arts Factory (London, UK)
• 02.06.2016 ‘Music & Painting Dialogue’. Performance with the violist Charalambos Paritsis, Chili Art Gallery, (Athens, Greece)
• 19.04-10.05.2016 Group exhibition ‘Moscow Seasons’, Central House of Artists (Moscow, Russia, curator Vasilissa Kabitova)
• 08.03-10.04.2016 ‘Red and Black’, Gallery Na Kashirke, (Moscow, Russia, curator Natalia Georgadze)
• 09.03.2016 Participation in Performance with Russian artists, Gallery Na Kashirke, (Moscow, Russia, curator Michail Roshniak)